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About Us

Our aim is to provide the highest quality of care and accommodation offering privacy, dignity, fulfilment, rights, choice and independence.

There are a series of themes that underpin the aims and objectives of First Choice Care Services relating to the rights of residents and the quality of care that we provide.The service that First Choice Care Services provide is tailored to meet the needs of adults with mild, moderate or severe learning disabilities and challenging behaviour and or mental illness. We encourage a mix of gender and age mainly ranging from 18-65 years of age in our homes, and are limited to the number of bed spaces available in each home.

We want everything that we do in the home to be driven by the needs, abilities and aspirations of our residents, not by what staff, management or any other group would desire. We recognise how easily how this focus can slip and we will remain vigilant to ensure that the facilities, resources, policies, activities and services of each home remain dedicated to the needs of residents.As for the Fitness of Purpose, we are committed to achieving our stated aims and objectives and we welcome scrutiny by our service users and their representatives.

For comprehensiveness, we aim to provide a total range of care, in collaboration with all appropriate agencies, professionals, residents and others to meet the overall personal and health care needs as well as preferences of our residents. This will ensure that we are meeting the assessed needs via the assessment process and in conjunction with the systematic and continuous planning of care for each resident.






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