About Us

About us

We are a specialist residential home and supported living home provider. Our key aim is to provide opportunities for people we support to develop abilities needed, where possible, to live independently in the community.

We link and work collaboratively with local authorities to provide appropriate facilities, programmes and specialist support necessary to meet service user's needs.We specialise in working with people who have moderate to borderline learning disabilities who may also have:

1. Challenging behaviour.

2. Mental ill-health.

3. Epilepsy.

4. Diabetes.

5. Autistic Spectrum Disorders.

6. Complex health or social care needs.

7. Communication needs.

8. Physical disabilities.

Our values

Our core values are guided by Valuing People. Providing choice, promoting independence and user participation are some of our core values. We use person centred care planning approaches to ensure that the services we provide are tailored to meet individual needs. We work closely with other specialists such as psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, and others in delivering services that meet the needs of people we support.

Individual care and development planning is our way of working to ensure that our services really meet the needs and the people we support.

We offer a wide range of occupational and recreational activities within and outside our homes. There are also opportunities for residents to attend life skills courses at local community colleges and other facilities within the community.


Tel: 020 8908 3504

E-mail: info@firstchoicecareservices.co.uk

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